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Those of us who live in the Northern States, are more likely to suffer more 'depression' during the long, cold, and dark winter months - AND NOT JUST Because we have TONS of shoveling to do and it's SO COLD out!!

We 'need the sun.'  With less day light and a different kind of day light, compared to the summer, MANY of us suffer

from a low Vitamin D level.  I had my doc test mine and it was too low.  So, I started taking Vit D tablets and now I'm 'normal' - well, as far as Vit D is concerned!!

Anyway, low levels of Vit D have been linked to:   Falls, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension - HTN), Bone fractures, DEPRESSION, Congestive Heart Failure, Cancer, and Diabetes. 

If you are not Caucasian, you are MORE at risk for a low Vit D because it's harder to get Vit D through a darker skin tone. 

You may want to ask your health care provider to test your Vit D level.

Second, I read an article that if we drink 4 cups of coffee a day, one is less likely to take there own lives.  Really!  I was surprised.

Take good care everyone!!

Hello to Denise and Regina - as they were able to come to today's mtg!!

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