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WOW!!!  What a weekend we had in Appleton.  I hope everyone had a great time and were able to connect with others that know your pain.  Hopefully there was some healing done.  A great big welcome to the new families that attended.  It certainly can be overwhelming the first couple events, but hopefully in time you will feel more and more comfortable and "at home" in your Being There Reaching Out family.  What strength it took to sign up to come this very first time!  If I did not get to meet some of the new families, I sure hope to at the next gathering. 

I sure hope all the kids had a great time!!  I know I did just watching the smiles on their faces and hearing the excitement in their voices.  You are a great group of kids.  There were so many kind acts from one child to another.  I think some new friendships were even formed.  If you felt a little uncomfortable, especially if it was your first year attending, I hope you join us next year and know that it will get easier and easier and you too might develop a new friendship.  Thank you for all the politeness shown to our volunteers and thanking them for being with us.  


Peace and strength to you all.  Hope to see you again soon at one of our events.

With Love,

Amy Lopez

Board of Directors, Youth Committee

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